Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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Corner Storage Solutions

I have a corner next to my bathroom that I needed to utilize as effectively as possible since I have NO storage space in my tiny tiny bathroom. Problem, it's at the top of my stairs and I wanted it to be as functional as possible while still being cute since it's the first thing you see when you walk up the stairs.

So first thing on the agenda, get a shelving unit. I love the cube version of bookcases for most of my storage, but since the nearest Ikea is 3 hours away, I get mine at Target. I have several in other rooms and love them. Next step: Assemble bookcase and place fish tank on top of it. Not do anything else to the corner for about a year. Awesome.

Finally over spring break I built some shelves to go above it and it kick started my motivation to work on it again. I built these shelves the same way as the one here and finally had a home for my Squinky/other tiny animal collection. Yes I love Squinkies. I can't help it.

I also got some command hooks to put my key chains on. I have a few new ones to add to the collection so I'll hopefully have a better picture of those then.

I also found these awesome bins at Target on Clearance for $4!

I could kick myself for not buying all they had. They fit in the cubes perfectly and they took my aqua spray paint excellently:

As soon as I find a configuration that I'm happy with they'll have labels. They've been great so far for storing my cleaners and laundry stuff, and I love the color.

So now my little corner looks like this:

Still might have a little work to do, but I'm pretty satisfied thus far. ^_^

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