Friday, January 27, 2012

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Coat Closet Turned Pantry

Hello everyone!

The first real post on Doodleleaf! How exciting! Today turned out to be a day full of good news, so I thought it would be the perfect time to start blogging!

I actually am still recovering from anesthesia, so please excuse any typos or bad grammar. There might be lots of it. There will probably be lots of it... The good news is that my procedure went wonderfully and life is good. ^_^

On to the Projects!

This little project was actually finished early last summer, and I was super excited about the results. There is a small coat closet in my kitchen.

Yes. A coat closet. In the Kitchen.

If my front door was in the kitchen, maybe it would make more since. But it isn't. So it doesn't. At all. What it ended up looking like was this:

Yep. A hot mess.

So I bought some wood and did this:

Tada! Instant pantry. With some junk at the bottom. But I'm working on that.

All I did was take 1 x 2s and secure them into the wall. Then I took some 1 x 12s and made shelves supported by the 1 x 2s. The whole thing is removable, which is excellent considering I rent...

...Unless my landlady agrees that a coat closet in the kitchen makes no since and is all about the shelves... I'm okay with leaving it just how it is. ^_^

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