Thursday, March 29, 2012

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The Wren

Happy Spring Everyone!

A few weeks ago, during the excitement of ordering seeds and starter plants for my garden this year, I set out to start my spring cleaning and prepare my outdoor area for some serious cosmetic upgrades. This should have started with removing my Christmas wreath from my front door and replacing it with a much brighter alternative.

BUT last year I got rid of my spring wreath because it was falling apart. So I put off taking down the current wreath until I had something to replace it with. Instead, I spent the day cleaning up out back and ordered some pizza once it started to get dark.

While waiting for my pizza, I began cleaning my kitchen as well. I got halfway through the massive pile of dished before, instead of a knock at my front door, I was greeted with a scream from my pizza girl...

...A bird had flown into her face from my wreath.

I felt so bad for my poor delivery girl that the next day I decided to take down my wreath and just leave my door plain and bare for the next few days. But when I opened the door, I noticed some sticks on the front that definitely were not there before...

Upon further investigation, I discovered this:

Yep. Little eggs!!! Apparently, the little bird that flew into my pizza girl's face loved the wreath so much it laid eggs in it!

Do you see her sitting there?

So of course once I discovered the nest the wreath stayed put. What is great is I can watch her from the peep hole in my door!

I was however, completely freaked out in the beginning. What a horrible place to build a nest! I was soooo careful opening and closing my door and was really scared I was going to frighten mamma bird away and she wasn't going to come back.

But that's not the case. As a matter of fact she doesn't seem to mind me at all. And neither does pappa bird, who comes and goes occasionally to bring her food while she's on her nest. Just in case though, I put a note on the door to the poor postman, to warn him that a bird will probably be flying in his face if he knocks. And I haven't ordered pizza in awhile.

Finally, after two weeks of checking in on the little eggies and spying on mom through the peep hole, I peeked in and saw this!

Baby wrens! Only one day old!

Only three of the five eggs hatched, which is normal for this kind of bird. Sad too though, because of course I wanted them all to make it. But the three little ones that are bundled up here seem to be doing very well!

This one is from today - Two day old baby wrens! See two of their little beaks!

I watched pappa bird feeding them this morning through my peep hole! This was the first time I'd really seen him actually in the nest. He has red feathers on his head! I'm going to try to get a picture of both of them, since they both will be bringing the babies food now. Mamma and Pappa bird were actually sitting together on the gutter waiting for me to lock my door and leave!

This is so exciting. In about two weeks the babies will be ready to up and fly away. Until then, more pictures to come! <3

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