Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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Road Trippin: St Louis

Once enjoying the sunshine of Oklahoma City, we hit the road for our last stop before home, St Louis, MO.  The weather was perfect for our drive, and we made the 8 hour trip in no time.  After grabbing a quick dinner, we crashed for the night, ready to enjoy the city the next day. 

First stop of course was the Gateway Arch.  Our hotel was right across the street from it, and we had a great view from there.  I bought tram tickets in advance so that we could avoid the line and get to the top without too much of a wait.  

The Tram was very interesting.  It's basically a lot like a barrel with little seats, and I don't recommend it if you're claustrophobic!  It's not a bad ride, only taking about 4 minutes to climb the 630 ft to the top, but I've very glad there were only two of us in the little pod!     

Unfortunately, we left the nice weather in Oklahoma.  Right after riding the tram back down from the top of the Arch, the downpour started with no signs of letting up.  We purchased some ponchos along with our souvenirs and made a mad dash back to our hotel which was (thankfully) very very close to the park.  We dried off, changed our soggy clothes, and munched on snacks while hoping the rain would let up.

Once it got down to a drizzle, we headed into the city to visit the Cathedral Basilica of St Louis.  The mosaics on the inside are made from thousands of cut tile, and it is really amazing to see.  It's also free to visit, but be sure to check the mass schedule as to not interrupt services.

Once we left the Cathedral, I was really excited to find that the rain had stopped!  I had really wanted to go to the zoo, and even though it was cloudy and would very likely start raining again, we gave it a shot.

The St Louis Zoo is great because it's free to visit!  You just have to pay the $15 to park, which is great.  And, because of the rain, it was cool out and not incredibly crowded.  That was bad at the same time, because some of the animals weren't out for us to see, but it was still a great visit.

And now, we're on the road for home, this little adventure over.  I can't wait for the next one!

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