Monday, February 25, 2013

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Etsy Roundup: Counting Sheep

Taxes are done!!!  Yay!  I love getting things accomplished (Refunds are good, too!)!!  

Today ended up being a beautiful day outside (almost 50 degrees! Haha. :-P) and, as such, full of lots of productivity.  Sunshine makes me feel so energized and ready to do things, even if it is still technically freezing outside.  Marking things off the ole "To Do" list really gets rid of at least some of those stressful things that my poor, restless mind thinks about while trying to sleep at night.

Speaking of sleeping better...I think an Etsy Roundup is the perfect end to this productive day.  And what better way to get to sleep then with counting sheep:

From left to right: 1) Sheep Felting Kit: BearCreekDesign 2) Black Sheep Collar: daydogdesigns 3) Sheep Wall Decals: Greywolfgraphics 4) Lavender Sheep Soap: LoveLeeSoaps 5) Sheep Business Card Holder: BrooklynLoveDesigns 6) Counting Sheep Print: movezerb 7) Crochet Sheep Rings: momshoo 8) Sheep Necklace Pendant: fingerprince 9) Sheep Ribbon: SunnyDaySupplies 10) Sheep Painting: pinkgloves2

The only thing bad about searching etsy before bed...I have shopping dreams.  It's probably good I'm not a sleep walker...I'd wake up with no money and a ton of stuff in my house.

It'd be awesome stuff though...

Goodnight everyone!

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