Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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The Pottery Place

Tuesday evenings have become "Girl's Night" for me and the awesome ladies I work with.  It's so nice to get out with them and do fun things around town while laughing and eating food.

Our first outing last Tuesday was the best...

We went to the Pottery Place!!

Basically, the Pottery Place has pieces of bisque ware on a shelf.  You choose a piece to glaze and they fire it for you in their kiln.  Then it's ready to pick up in about a week.

They have lots of cuteness to choose from, including seasonal goodies for the holidays.

The glaze is stored in bottles numbered on the wall along with instructions for how it works, so you don't have to know a thing about Ceramics to create a piece.  It's also an awesome place to take kids, because glaze washes off extremely easily!

The chart above shows what the colors look like once they've been fired and has recommendations on how many coats to use to get the desired color.

The staff sets you up a table while you're making decisions and then it's time to paint!

I chose a sugar bowl and decided to paint it purple to go in my room.  I hadn't intended on so many swirls, but I think it turned out nice.

And this is it a week later, all done! 

(PS, do you like my new glasses?  I love them!)

It is so much fun!  And will probably be the staple of our Tuesday afternoon adventures.

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