Friday, March 7, 2014

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Etsy Roundup: Busy Bees

TGIF, everyone!

I've been a busy little bee as of late trying to get my spring cleaning on.  Yes, there is still a ton of snow outside, and yes, we just had an ice storm...but I'm still spring cleaning.  And hoping that spring will take the hint and pop in to say hi sooner than later.

Since I've been a busy little bee, here's an etsy roundup of all the cool little bee things I've found when I probably should have been cleaning.

Also, I love bees. :-) 

From left to right: 1) Stained Glass Honeycomb by BespokeGlassTile 2) Sweet Like Honey Print by theWheatField 3) Bee Tarot Print by CorvidStudios 4) Honey Bee Toy by Armadillo Dreams 5) Note Card Set by witandwhistle 6) Vintage Bee Coin Necklace by roxcraft 7) Bee Ceramic Dish by MadgeDishes 8) Bee Happy Print by MayFrenzyDesigns 9) Sweet Honey Bee Charm by Miraposa Miniatures 10) Bee Crochet Pattern by Yarnington 11) Art Nouveau Bee by Kirimothdesigns

I'm absolutely in LOVE with that bee coin necklace.  I'm in love with everything, actually...but that might be my fav.

Happy Sort-of-Spring Cleaning, everyone!

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