Friday, January 12, 2018

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"Bee" Healthy First Aid Kit

Today's post is a little older project that I put together for my bumblebee kitchen, but it's still proven quite useful, so I wanted to write about it!

I found this cute little box on clearance at Michaels (I believe...) several years ago.  I loved that it was a little blank slate, so I bought it with no project in mind.

It wasn't until I discovered that I had nowhere to stash my medicine and bandaids that I decided what this little box's purpose would be.  My medicine and first aid has always lived in the kitchen, so I decided to decorate my box to match my bumblebee decor.

If you're wondering why my medicines live in the kitchen and not the bathroom medicine cabinet, I've heard many times that the humidity in bathrooms is very bad for most medications and that they should be stored somewhere with a more stable temperature.  I haven't found a home for them in my new place yet, but I think that they will move to the second floor closet as opposed to the kitchen, as it has the least amount of temperature fluctuation. 

I always have a nice collection of colorful paper, so finding some cute yellow ones to glue on my little box.  I also have a nice collection of buttons, which got glued to the top:

And the final result was this:

Pretty cute right?  These days it's more of a first aid kit, since my medicine collection has expanded from just a bottle of ibuprofen and anti-allergy pills and no longer fits in here.  But it's perfect for bandaids, gauze, tape, and antiseptic creams.  And it's adorable.

Where do your medicines live?  Got any good medicine storage tips?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. I absolutely adore this adorable First Aid kit!! Seeing this, I think it's high time mine got a little face lift. :)

  2. Perfect job for this little box. I love that even though you bought it without a purpose you found a purpose. I also love that you dressed it up and made it super cute!


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