Monday, April 22, 2019

Free Fireplace Decor

Monday, April 22, 2019 9 Comments
My new house has a fireplace, and I'm totally IN LOVE.  I've always wanted one to decorate for all the seasons and hang my stockings from at Christmas time!

Unfortunately, money has been a bit on the tight side since moving to the city, so I've had to go a little cheaper with the decor than I had originally planned.  I was pretty bummed in the beginning since I had to change some decorating plans (does anyone else HATE changing plans?!) but it's forced me to be a little more creative in my thinking, and that's never a bad thing!

And, cheap doesn't have to mean ugly! :-)

This is my everyday fireplace decor, and everything on here was FREE.  Yes, FREE!  I reused things I already had, used up a free gift card, and raided my recycling bin to make this happen.  Not too shabby, right? 

The window came from the Restore and it wasn't technically free, but I used a gift card that I got for winning a contest so I'm counting it!

Our local Restore had a contest leading up to the opening of a new store where they asked people to identify letters from local businesses' logos and signs.  It was actually an awesome little game to engage the community while also throwing some love towards local places as well as promote their new store!  The winners got a $20 Restore gift card, and I was one of those winners!

And, this beautiful window was only $10!  So even if I didn't have a gift card, it was still very much in my budget.  The Restore is a GREAT place to find unique and interesting goodies for your home without breaking the bank.  And, it's good for the community and keeps things out of the trash!

After taking off the hardware and taping off the panes, I gave the wood a few coats of stain and added hanging hardware before decorating.

All the flowers, leaves, twigs, and decorations were leftovers from other projects.  A little hot glue and some burnt fingers later I have a beautiful focal piece hanging above my mantel!

Next Step, The Mantel! 

I had some jars left over from reorganizing my craft room, so I sat them up there along with a few random jars from my recycling bin until I found a layout I liked.

Sizes and Shapes were good, but they needed some personality!

I mixed some Mod Podge with food coloring and coated the inside of the jars.  After a bit of the excess had dripped out, I popped them in the oven for a few minutes to dry, giving them this cool stained glass effect!

Once they were all dried I added some twine to the tops with hot glue.

The jars on the end stayed clear but also got some twine added to the top.  A few rocks and a candle complete the look!

And that's it!  My free fireplace decor!

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What do you think?  Are you going to raid your recycling bin?

Not too bad, right?  It doesn't always have to cost a fortune to jazz up your home.  Sometimes a great look is right under your nose! 

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