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Hello There!

My name is Candice and I like to make things.

I'm a twenty-something craft addict with a passion for paper and bright colors!  Whenever I look at an object, my brain immediately starts pondering ways of painting it, glueing it, papering it, or otherwise modifying it to make it awesome.  I decided a long time ago that being creative is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, and I work hard at pursuing that dream everyday.   

I'm a Student

...Though I probably should already be done with my degree.  I had a bit of a false start with my college life, trying to decide the most practical path to take.  I started with a double major in Graphic Design and Business Marketing, and wore myself out working towards it for 3 years while having a 30 or so hour a week job.  I really wasn't all that in to my Business classes even though I did pretty well in them, and graduation was no where in sight.  I withdrew for a semester, thought things through a lot, and transferred schools, starting back up as a part time student and Graphic Design Major.  I am much happier heading in this direction and feel like I'm learning so much more now that I'm not so overwhelmed.

I'm an Entrepreneur

I started selling my little creations on Etsy sometime around 2006.  Once I started and made my first few sales, I fell in love with the idea of running a small business online.  Working from home has always been extremely appealing to me, and Etsy is such an amazing place that offers amazing opportunities.  Unfortunately, my shop has usually fallen on the back burner due to my insane school/work schedule, but thanks to my new situation I've been able to start it back up again and hope to keep pushing forward.  I've met some wonderful people in my little business venture, and would love to meet many, many more!  Now, my ultimate dream is to one day be one of those shops listed in the "Quit Your Day Job" articles.    

Funny that I didn't seem to like my business classes, huh?

About Doodleleaf

I created this blog as a replacement for my website, which was originally created all the way back in 2003.  It was my little slice of the web where I posted all the artsy things I made, as well as little animated gifs and such, like these guys:

It went through several names and changes over the years, changing as my style and knowledge of design evolved.  After awhile, though, it just got to be too much for me to maintain.  So in 2008, I changed to the blog format by starting over here, and eventually (read: FINALLY!) settled on a name that I think fits well and that I truly love. 

Welcome to Doodleleaf!  I’m so glad you stopped by to visit the home of my random creations. I very much hope you enjoy your stay!

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