Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Broken Computer Blues

Sooo once upon a time Candice had a laptop. Her laptop was small and happy, until the day her wireless card stopped working. All was well with the invention of the ethernet cord (although a wired laptop seems to kind of defeat the purpose), until the start up time started to take about an hour. Then one day, that day being Thursday, her laptop finally decided to die. Completely. -sigh- Poor thing.

Soooo being a college student with an online business, Candice couldn't possibly go without a computer with the fall semester being sooo close...sooo...

She went out and bought a new one. A better one. A desktop. With a flat panel monitor. And other cool stuff.

Ahh. It sure is nice to have a computer that works. I'd forgotten what it was like.

It's funny too, that a 19 inch screen was the SMALLEST I could get. It's soooo big compared to my laptop's little 12 inch screen. It's also amazing how small desktop towers have gotten.

Ah. Technology.

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