Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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Much Better Bedside Table

Hello my friends!

So in between being busy with the holidays at work and working on presents and such at home, I began work on what I had hoped would be my new bedside table.

Over the summer I acquired this:
We got a few of these in with the seasonal furniture at work. This one was on the base of one of the aisles and fell off one day, breaking the glass on the drawers.
I thought the piece itself was very functional and liked the overall look of it, so I bought it. But, I hated the red glass (red isn't really my color). And now since a bunch of it was broken, I had to think of a way of dealing with it.

And I think I succeeded:
First I painted any nicks and bumps and that ugly gold-brown-bronze trim black, then I mod podged on my fabric over all the areas where the glass had been. To the top I added some decorative gold trim and crossed my fingers that it would still look nice after 3 or so coats of polycrylic. It did just fine (yay!) and adds a lot to the top.
I really like the way the drawers turned out. The broken glass was still pretty secure to the drawers, so I was able to just mod podge the fabric on over top of it without much difficulty at all. Then I just popped the original knobs back on once the polycrylic dried.

It looks really nice in my room by my bed, and I even have enough fabric left over to make a pillow. :-D

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  1. This is so pretty! I love the fabric you chose. What a great job. :D


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