Friday, April 22, 2011

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Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, lets talk plants.

I'm always excited for Spring so I can plant my garden. I usually buy starter plants, but this year I decided to try starting some seeds myself. This was a big jump for me, since the few times I have started seeds before they've all died rather quickly. But I was bound and determined that this year, it was going to be different.

To start everything off, I did some research. I got this wonderful book called You Grow Girl by Gayla Trail. It's got all kinds of lovely information in it and I highly recommend it.

I also bought a greenhouse kit like this one to start my seeds in. I really like it too. It was super easy to set up and use and with this one I can get new mini peat pots and use is again next year.

I plan on building a garden box outside sometime in the very near future. Until then, though, my little babies have to stay inside. I bought these two clip on shop lights at Lowe's for about $8 each and fitted them with a Compact Florescent Light Bulb. Plants only need the cool spectrum of light, so CFLs work as good grow lights.

To make things easier next year, I'll probably install a light under a shelf as suggested in Trail's book and put the whole system on a timer I can set and forget about. But for now, my plants seem to be doing fine in front of my shoe cubbies. I just have to remember not to trip over them...
Almost all the seeds I planted in the greenhouse have sprouted and are doing well except for my lavender plants. I know from my farmer friend that lavender usually has a bad germination rate, so I planted 30 seeds in hopes that at least one would make it. Three have popped up so far but only one is really doing well, so I've got my fingers crossed that that one makes it.

I also was very happy to see that my lilies from last year came back in full force this year. I even re-potted and separated them and they survived!

Here's to a good growing season!

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