Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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Etsy Roundup: For the Birds

I spent far too much time on sites like Etsy and Pinterest exploring all the awesome things people make and do.  It really blows my mind how talented some people are!  I've actually spent almost all day on the computer today exploring, and I wanted to share just a small peak of the awesome I came across.

I love birds.  This is probably common knowledge, since I had some living on my front door.  My living room is even decorated in birds!  Here's some of the cool bird themed things I've added to my "I almost can't live without" list:

From left to right: 1) Bird Bag by LBArtwork 2) Vinyl Bird Decal by Vinylfruit 3) Bird Necklace by The Dandellon Jewelry 4) Bird Journaling Cards by MeShoppa 5) Bird Mask by Tom Banwell 6) "Creative Birds" Art Print by The Fox and the Teacup 7) Yarn Bowl by DarriellesClayArt

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