Monday, June 24, 2013

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Oh, Hai Bloggy Blog

-Blows dust off screen-  Oh, hey there blog!  It's been awhile... I've missed you so!

The last few months have been super productive and lots of fun overall!  I had lots of get togethers with my girls, cleaned far, far too much, and made a trip to Tennessee with my mom.  

While in Tennessee, I did tons of things over those four days that I've never done before.  I rode a horse!  It was so awesome!  I also flew in a helicopter.  I've never flown in an airplane before, but I've flown in a helicopter now.  So.  Much.  Fun!

Also, my birthday happened, and I subjected my fam fam to the Pottery Place.  They loved it!

I was also victorious in cleaning the craft room and getting it photo-ready.  It took a tiny bit longer than a month...but it's done and it's sooooo nice to have an organized space to work in again.  This week will be my craft room tour, so stay tuned!

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