Monday, March 10, 2014

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Weekend Project: The Craft Closet

Good Monday Morning my friends!

The weather this weekend was lovely!  It was so nice to open all of my blinds and let tons and tons of sunshine in!

Thanks to absorbing the energy from the sunshine, I made lots of progress with my spring cleaning.  One of the bigger projects this weekend was tackling the closet in my craft room.

It wasn't too terrible, but I had several seasonal items I needed to add to storage, and that space is very, VERY tight.  I was extremely happy to be a small person working in that very small space.

The corners of the closet are used for items I don't need to access easily.  The pink and purple boxes have seasonal craft things stored in them, so I only need them around Christmas Crafting time.  The white totes and green box have random odds and ends that are a bit easier to get to in case I decide I want to craft with them.  The clear totes have all of my memorabilia I've kept around to scrapbook. 

I added a shelf to the empty space below the main shelf.  It holds boxes and baskets ready to decorate for gifts.

The back left side of the closet holds my scrap wood pieces and my work table.  Cheap Ikea bag holders keep my wrapping paper organized and easy to grab.  In front of that are my two travel totes for crafting on the go.

The right side of the closet is still a little mismatched.  The top shelf isn't bad and holds more miscellaneous things. I don't need often.  Including a tote of pink faux fur. :-P

The floor on the right side has my buffet tables I drag out for random events buried underneath all of my artwork from collage that needs organized.  It's also the home to a lot of my larger papers.  Still needs some love on this side.

This unit holds most of my scrapbooking things, as well as a few mixed media goodies.  It's a newer addition to my space, so I'm still getting it organized in the way that's the most practical.  My scrapbooks live on top, and there's an over the door organizer on the door that has room to grow left.

It's a good start, and looks a ton better than it did.  I hope everyone has a lovely and productive week ahead of them!

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  1. Awesome...I am embarrassed to say that my crafting stuff has grown from a closet to a full extra bedroom!!


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