Monday, March 9, 2020

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Colorful Multi Drawer Storage Unit

I'm SO EXCITED to share this little project with you guys. :-)  I've actually had this done for some time now, but I've finally gotten it in it's final home and properly photographed.

Here's the story of my multi drawer unit redo, in all it's glory!

This perfect Craft Room addition had a bit of a humble start


Looks a bit different huh?  I picked up this cabinet from Hobby Lobby a few years ago after falling IN LOVE with all the drawers.  It was marked down due to a broken leg, but since the leg was in the back it was easily fixed and hidden.  I knew it would be PERFECT in the craft room, but the style definitely didn't match my colorful decor.

So, I started disassembly and got to painting!

After numbering all the drawers, removing all the hardware, and disassembling the drawers, I applied 2 coats of white enamel on the main unit.  Then I sorted the drawers and painted them using paint samples from Lowes in my craft room colors. 

Then I measured and taped off sections on the sides and added paint stripes in those colors as well.  The pink spot in the middle is a little smaller to add a bit of variety.

I spray painted the original hardware hardware white, but adjusted the handles up when I reattached them so I could add the label holders, which I also painted white.

The drawers on the bottom half as well as the door were a bit different from the rest, so I cut some thin pieces of cork to fit.  I added some fun mandala stenciling to the one on the door, as well as a different handle that I painted green.

The drawer right above the door had a metal sheet embellishment on it that, luckily, came off pretty easily.  I replaced it with some awesome wrapping paper, a label holder, and the old handle that came off the door.

The drawers are all lined with the same amazing wrapping paper. <3

I didn't have enough leaf paper to line the inside of the door area, so I used some of the bright stripes paper I had left over from the Great Hutch Project.

Then I added a Cat-cus cat bed for Marvin to chill in the Craft Room with me :-D

The Final Project! 

I'm completely in love with how colorful and amazingly function this thing is now.  I have space for everything, all within reach and beautifully organized!

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What do you think?  Going to give your furniture a revamp?

On to the next project!

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