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I'm very excited to be an affiliate for the following companies!

What does that mean?

Being an affiliate means that I work with certain companies to advertise on my blog.  If a purchase is made through one of my links, I make a small commission on that sale at no extra cost to you.  

Please know that I will never promote a product or a company that I don't personally use or support.  Being an affiliate to me means that I get to promote things that I love and am excited to share with you.  Please don't feel pressured to buy, but if you do I appreciate the support!

Candice Winter is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Programs, and affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

I'm a huge Amazon Shopper and have so many purchases from them it's insane.  I've found some really great things on there, and most of the products I recommend will be products I've used personally.  I'll always disclose in a post if I haven't personally tried a product I've linked to.

Etsy is a platform I've used for years, and I love supporting my fellow Etsians and all their amazing creations!  I've not personally bought many of the items I find for Roundups, but they're things I think are unique and deserve showcasing!

I don't make a commission if you purchase something from one of my Etsy shops, only other shops.  If you come across a shop you think me and my readers will enjoy, leave me a comment! and are great places for commercial use fonts and design elements like photos, illustrations, brushes, and more!  They also have freebies pretty frequently.  If you're a designer or blog owner, this is a great site for you!

Ebags are products I came across several years ago and fell in love with.  They specialize in travel organization and I own several of their cubes to organize my luggage when I'm on the go.  If your luggage needs a little organization, give them a go!
Awin is the program I use to find and work for affiliates.  They are highly recommended, and I'm enjoying them so far!  If you're interested in joining a few affiliate programs of your own, Awin is a good start.

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